Informal Subdivision | Fuasgail


“Now you may draw horizontals or perpendiculars at any intersection, thus making more rectangles to divide by diagonals again. In this manner you will never break up the same shape twice in the same way. It offers a great deal of suggestion for the placement of figures, spacing and contours, with no two spaces being exactly equal or duplicated, except the two halves on each side of the single diagonal".

Extract form Creative Illustration by Andrew Loomis think of this in terms of creative improvisation.


Pete Fletcher

(Guitars, laptop, loops)

Mixed at:

nujazzeurope Glasgow, Scotland.

Mastered by LANDR

  1. Parallelogramophone
  2. Interspeculation
  3. Contradition
  4. musegain song
  5. musegain song
  6. musegain song
  7. musegain song
  8. musegain song