La Terre (Earth) | Fuasgail


Pete Fletcher

(Guitars, SFX, Laptop).

Bobby Coils

(Flute, Percussion).


The strip of land, scarcely an acre and a quarter in size, lay at the spot known as Les Cornailles and was so insignificant that M. Hourdequin, proprietor of La Borderie, had not bothered to send down the drill, which anyway was busy elsewhere. Jean, travelling over the field due north, was directly facing towards the farm buildings about a mile and a quarter away. At the end of the furrow, he raised his eyes and stared blankly, pausing to recover his breath."


Inspired by:
Emile Zola's novel La Terre

La Terre
  1. La Terre
  2. Abbé Godard et les Cloches de Bécu
  3. Le jour ou les pluies sont arrivées
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