A l e x | A r t




Violence is used for evil not good

Shall it be used for good reasons or not

Evil shall run through the brains of another

You shall think you have to revolve violence

But why can't you talk to one another


Violence is evil and is not good

Shall darkness rain from the skies above all

And hatred shall be the ones who resolve to violence

But after violence you shall find peace and guilt




Stress keeps you in a cage

It use for evil

But feel light and you shall fly over your obstacles

Yes it shall not be easy

Because stress can take over you

And make you forget who you are

Thy light shall sing to you

And you shall fly and sing as well

Let yourself be free from the cage you are in





Darkness brings lies

And evil

Darkness drinks water

Even if dead waters

But when blackness comes

Shall you say go be not with me

For I do not wish to be with you


But bring light to your darkness

And make you fall to your knees with emotions

Thus you shall not be evil and filled with anger

But light from one can dispel your darkness

And make others believe in hope and light