The Road to Trasanne | Fuasgail

A fusion of contemporary composers brought together to create a musical concept album tracing the descendants of Donald Beaton of Tireragen, Isle of Mull, Scotland.

Throughout the past 280 years (1734 - 2014) a beautiful stretch of white sand known as Trasanne Bay, has become a spiritual, physical and metaphorical centre for the descendants of the Beatons of Tireragen.

The compositions on this CD identify historical markers on the descendants timeline. From the Highland Clearances, the building of the Dubh Artach lighthouse to the present day with music reflecting on their toil, strife and love of the land.

Will this bearing hold fast

On tide surge and raging gale

Sailing through all floods of fear

In fiercest blast

Such wildness blows

Life’s waters chill my soul and very breath

In life’s storms

When turmoil reigns

I think of you

My compass true


Will your heading hold fast

In tide surge and raging gale

Running through our fear of death

In life’s fierce blast

Such wildness blows

Such waters chill our souls and mortal breath

Blows the gale

The turmoil reigns

My compass true

My thoughts of you.

Libretto: P J Moore

Will this Bearing Hold Fast
  1. Will this Bearing Hold Fast
  2. I can see for miles
  3. Dubh Artach Pt2 (The Storm)
  4. Long Walk Home
  5. musegain song
  6. musegain song
  7. musegain song
  8. musegain song