Of Sand and Ice | Virella


It would be futile to pigeonhole the wildly talented guitarist-composer Julio Virella into some sort of confined musical genre. Is he a progressive rocker or fusion artist? Does he favor Smooth Jazz or Acid Jazz? What’s really going on with his too-cool-for-school tunes? As far as Virella is concerned, labels don’t matter. One spin through his latest (and, arguably, greatest) collection of sweet and soulful melodies -- the sublime “Of Sand and Ice” -- and you’ll see that Virella’s main objective is not to define himself, but rather to get you to surrender your hectic everyday life to the hypnotic croon of his brilliantly mellow musicianship.

Black Ice (Unbroken)
  1. Black Ice (Unbroken)
  2. Sensei (Of Sand and Ice)
  3. Just Play (Of sand and ice)
  4. Heroes at the Gate (Unbroken)
  5. musegain song
  6. musegain song
  7. musegain song
  8. musegain song